OEF proportionality --- Introduction ---

This module actually contains 11 exercises on proportionality.

CD Rom

I have bought a CD rom driver. I have paid dollars with CD roms which cost dollars each. What is the price of the CD rom driver?


The population density of a country is inhabitants/km2. Its population is millions. What is its area (in thousands of km2)?


A truck is times heavier than a car, while the truck is times lighter than a tank. Knowing that the truck weighs tons, compute the weights of a car and of a tank (in tons).

Solving Percents using Proportions I

is percent of what number (to the nearest hundredth)?

Solving Percents using Proportions II

What is percent of (to the nearest hundredth)?

Solving Percents using Proportions III

is what percent of (to the nearest hundredth)?

Solving proportions (level 1)

Solve for x:

/x = /

Solving proportions (level 2)

Solve the following proportion.

(enter two solutions)

(x + 1)/x = /(x + )

Solving proportions (level 1c)

Solve for x:

/ = x/

Solving proportions (level 1b)

Solve for x:

/ = /x

Solving proportions (level 1d)

Solve for x: x/ = /
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